School, homework and sore brains

“Dad, my brain hurts.” I get that about every other weekday from my children who are always looking for a way out of school. If it’s not the brain, it’s the stomach. Or a cough. I rush them into their clothes, out the door, into the car and to the school gates, where amazingly their ailments vanish as soon as they see their friends. I return to my home office with a headache.

My eldest daughter is doing a prep course for high school, and she’s totally into it. I don’t know about my other kids.

My three children have come up with a plan that will get them out of school and on holiday for a long time. The only thing: Dad must play along!

Learning to read and write isn’t easy for any first grader. Mischievousness? Well, that comes easy for mine.

Ditching school is an art, and my youngest daughter is on track to learn how to do it like a Picasso. Or an Artful Dodger pickpocket.

My daughter got in trouble at school and told me about it, and I said, “Aw…, that’s nothing.”

My daughter goes to a public school in Buenos Aires. I have reasons to like it. Here’s one.