How to Write a Santa List

“I’m just saying … “

My youngest daughter was sat at her grandparents’ kitchen table in England, with a piece of paper and a pen. [Continue reading …]

For a Few Good Waves

“I must say, there’s nothing better than a good surf.”

My eldest daughter finished her second year of high school and the first thing she did was clean her room.

Well, sort of.

The second? [Continue reading …]

“You can’t shoot me!”

I like to make lists, and so once a week I write one, sometimes twice a week if I’m busy.

This is not a bucket list. It’s a simple to-do list.

I write down what I have to do for work, and a few things as a dad: my finances, get a doctor’s prescription to update my kids’ vaccinations, or deposit money in the bank to pay bills. [Continue reading …]