The Magic Hand

“What now?”

We were driving a long haul on the highway, and my wife told our youngest daughter to stop slapping herself.

“I’m not,” the nine-year-old said. [Continue Reading…]

The Teenager

“What was that?”

My wife told me to come and watch our eldest daughter water the garden in Pinamar, on the coast of Argentina.

I sat down to watch. [Continue Reading…]

“Yeah, well, that figures.”

We went to a meeting about a scholarship program for our son. It would cover the costs of a private secondary school – books, supplies, tuition and all, and also provide tutoring, even an extensive prep course.

Our 12-year-old son liked the idea, and so he asked us if we would go to the meeting at his public elementary school. He wants to study history and math. He loves facts and figures, and also writing. [Continue Reading…]