Boxed In

“Hey, I wouldn’t mind playing ‘in’ Minecraft.”

Our son came to our bedroom on a Saturday morning to complain that his younger sister was hogging the Xbox.

“She’s in Minecraft,” the 12-year-old said. [Continue Reading…]

The Joy and Agony of Road Trips

“What’s the big deal? I like to talk.”

We went on a road trip to the coastal city of Mar del Plata to get away for the afternoon, and before we had even left our town of Pinamar our youngest daughter started talking.

She likes to talk, especially in cars.

I drove. [Continue Reading…]

Just “Like” This

parenting, humor, children

“You can’t always be a cool cat.”

I drove my two youngest children and a couple of their friends home from school, and after a block the four of them – ages nine to twelve – were cracking jokes in such rapid fire that I was laughing my ass off.

A few blocks later, somebody asked what you’d do with a million dollars. A riotous round of funny answers followed. [Continue Reading…]