How to Train a Stray Dog

“Yeah, and NOW you stand still!”

My youngest daughter wanted to give Cookie, our newest dog, a biscuit.

“Sure,” I said. “But get her to sit first.”

The eight-year-old tried, but the small black dog didn’t sit, she paced around the kitchen. Cookie is a former stray, and she’s never been good at answering to commands since coming to live with us nearly two years ago. [Continue Reading…]

“Just point me in the direction of the coffee.”

I love weekend mornings when my kids start emerging from their bedrooms, my eldest daughter in particular.

The 14-year-old is an expert in zombie-ness. She walks into the kitchen with her hair everywhere and her shoulders hunched forward. Each step is slow and unmeasured. She bumps into chairs and doors, and nonsensical comments follow. [Continue Reading…]

Literal Minds

“Dad, that’s a tree and only a tree. Got it?”

My family was without a car for nearly a month, so the five of us went everywhere on foot or public transport, sometimes by bike.

One night, I rode the nine blocks to fetch my son from speech therapy for his autism, and we started to walk home. [Continue Reading…]