Growing up and becoming wisecracks

Kids grow up and wise up.

All of a sudden, they have their own wallets and their own tastes in music – and they start answering you back.

And you think, “Wasn’t it great when they were toddlers.”

What could be more fun than doing death defying stunts for a living? That’s what my 10-year-old son is thinking of doing.

My youngest daughter is becoming quite the artist, and her latest expressions may be beyond you.

My youngest is not a morning person. Of course, that’s my excuse for why she can be so grumpy at breakfast.

A friend came back with a gleaming report about my two daughters after looking after them. I smiled. My youngest didn’t.

My youngest daughter refused to take the training wheels off her bike. That was until after a few wobbles she finally got the hang of it.

Morning breath is, well, morning breath, and there’s been lots of adverts for solutions over the years. But nothing so simple as my daughter’s.