How I Write

I guess it could be a romance…

I write stories for this blog with a pen or pencil.

I write longhand in a notebook that doubles for my work as a reporter, and then I type the stories on the computer and edit a bit for the final piece.

It’s pretty simple.

The best part of the process, of course, is the creation of the stories themselves. That comes from watching the kids and all their interactions and the interpretations they make of life. That’s pretty much the source of everything that goes into this blog.

It gets damn fun, too.

And sometimes things happen that are so funny that I’ve got to write them down right then and there.

Like the other day after breakfast. The kids said something that cracked me up. So I fished around for a scrap piece of paper – my notebook was in my bag in another room – and started writing down a short story based on the children’s antics at the breakfast table.

But then my wife came into the kitchen and took the pen out of my hand and replaced it with a broom.

I wanted to protest and say, “Hey! What about freedom of expression, the arts and literature?”

But her face meant business

So I followed her hand as it pointed out to the patio full of leaves and went out and started sweeping – and taking mental notes for a tale of revenge.

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