Double Trouble: Sibling Squabbles

“Hey, don’ t shoot!”

My son yelled at his younger sister, “Don’t do that!” followed by a pause and then a louder yell of “Mummy!”

The youngest comes running into the playroom where I’ve just finished putting up a chalkboard. I’m on a ladder now in the next room hanging up curtains, out of site of the three-year-old.

“I need to make a drawing,” the youngest says to herself, picking up a piece of chalk and speedily drawing on the board as if to show us parents (she’s not seen me) that she’s been busy and can in no way be linked to the incident with her brother.

I hear my six-year-old son explaining to Mum what happened.

The youngest pauses to listen and hears her name said in his explanation three, four and now five times.

Mum yells out her name.

She doesn’t respond. Instead, she puts more focus on finishing her drawing. And then she starts humming to herself.

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  • stephen October 30, 2011, 6:58 pm

    Love your posts.

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