Oh My Soul: How to Explain Afterlife to Kids

“I didn’t do it. It was my soul!”

The subject of the soul came up the other day with our three kids. They wanted to know.

My wife took over. “It’s like a little person inside you,” she said, going on to explain, briefly, the different beliefs on afterlife.

I was impressed.

My son was too, even overjoyed.

“A little man!” the six-year-old exclaimed. “I have a little man inside me.”

This was perfect for him. For over the next days when he was caught turning on the TV without permission or messing up his room or leaving his clothes on the floor, well, he had the perfect alibi. “Don’t ask me,” he said, smiling and blissful. “It was my soul. You know, the little man.”

In fact, he couldn’t even stick around for a telling off.

“You see,” he said pacing backwards as us parents started to set him straight. “The little man is taking me away right now…” And off his body was marched to turn on the cartoons.

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