Doubly Gross

“Yeah, it’s even got me gagging.”

Kids can be, well, rather gross.

I was, no doubt. I’d laugh with friends at flatulence (a more proper word, of course, for the final product of flatulence) as well as burps and spitting. We’d utter entire sentences while belching, even go for paragraphs. We’d write our names in the snow with… And a friend once earned the nickname of Snotrag for, well, blowing a snot so long that it went from his nose to the sand at a beach in central California.

So it shouldn’t have made me queasy when my seven-year-old daughter snotted out a rather large white one into a plastic cup of water while in the bath. She said she was saving it.

What for? The Snot Fairy?

She didn’t say why.

She left it on the side of the bath and went to put her pajamas on with her brother and sister.

The surprise came when I went back to the bathroom and found the now empty cup in the hands of my one-year-old girl, who looked up at me with wet lips.

Yes, you can say, “Yuk!”

I did.

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  • Anonymous May 24, 2010, 7:09 pm

    Absolutely hysterical! My older kids love to create "new shampoos" made with various liquids and solids from the shower. The last concoction they saved in a yellow platic cup on the edge of the bathtub. Guess who tried a big swallow-full of the slimy mess? My two year old! Great post!

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