The Rats

Well, we’ve done it.

We’ve moved back to the city after a little over two years of living at the beach, with its fine surf, slow pace, big barbeques and a pine forest to walk through, sometimes with not a soul around. The silence and deep-blue skies and singing birds, the green everywhere and the sand.

Why go back?

Well, mostly for work. Like perhaps for thousands of others, the global economic recession hit me.


Less work, slower payment schedules and tighter budgets. A harder time selling stories as a freelance reporter. So we’ve migrated to where the opportunities lie. The big city. Buenos Aires.

Here we come, here we are. Back in the rat race, with three kids, a four-ton dog and a neurotic cat in tow. A house with a garden-cum-forest traded in for a small apartment four blocks from the Obelisco. The dream gone – for now.

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