On writing

I love to write.

It’s not only putting words onto paper, it’s the creation of stories, from the eerie to the surreal and the wicked, the funny and the outright gross.

And you know what?

Kids and the follies and tribulations of parenting are great fodder for drama, comedy and, on occasion, science fiction.

I love to write, and I write a lot. My kids love to hear the stories. Well, most of the time. They also like to just hang out with me.

My 10-year-old daughter had her first experience with writer’s block, so she put her pen away and then it came to her: a fantastical story to tell…

I write stories for this blog with pen and paper, and often just after something has happened. The process doesn't always gel with parenting...

Writing is a wizard thing to do, especially for children. They have the world before them and adventures to tell, and imaginations to let fly...

I lost the urge to write and the urge to tell stories, and my despair swelled until my daughter started telling me a tale.

The initial steps to improve a blog’s reach with SEO and other optimizations with the aim, hopefully, of turning it into a book.