Stories that are kind of funny (and sometimes gross)

Everywhere I go, funny things are happening. Especially when my kids are with me. Sometimes, of course, the humor verges on gross. I mean, if my son asks you to pull his finger, say no. Believe me!

We went on a long trip by car, and our youngest daughter settled into doing her things … until boredom hit.

We corrected our son’s use of prepositions when complaining that his sister was hogging the Xbox to play Minecraft, and that gave him a devilish idea.

I tried to interject in a frenzy of kid talk to tell a joke, and it fell as flat as a blank YouTube video.

My three kids can find the funny side in English and Spanish, and when they’re combined, it can be all the funnier.

When it comes to video games, you want a bad-ass hero as your character. I thought I fit the bill, until my son told me otherwise.

My eldest daughter is an early riser, except on the weekends when life seems to transpire against her every move.