Stories that are kind of funny (and sometimes gross)

Everywhere I go, funny things are happening. Especially when my kids are with me.

Sometimes, of course, the humor verges on gross. I mean, if my son asks you to pull his finger, say no. Believe me!

My son isn't the best shot when peeing in the toilet, and he has a good reason why.

My youngest daughter has learned the fine art of floating in the ocean, or so she thinks.

Can I write about what happens when my children's humor at the dinner table transgresses into the realm of the foul?

My youngest daughter has an idea for just what you need on your smartphone, and it's pretty retro and pretty cool.

My youngest daughter developed a fear of puppies after getting bit. Now she’s matured…

Blueberries, granary bread and nuts are good for the mind, but first my daughter needs to lift her head off of the breakfast table.