The married life (figuring it out)

I’m married. That doesn’t mean, of course, that I’m an expert on being a husband. Advice? Listen to your wife even when she grills you for the same screwup in five different phrases. It’s normal. Just listen, don’t smart-ass around and you’ll do fine. At least, that’s what I’m doing until I figure out something better.

We’re still kind of young as parents, in our 40s. Yeah, but sometimes we’re in bed and the night is still young.

Mum’s away, so it’s breakfast in bed, kids. Yeah, well, that’s not much of a rebellion. She often has breakfast in bed.

The middle of the summer comes and the kids start saying that they are bored until it finally clicks and they just start to be, no matter how slowly.

A surefire way to a happy marriage is to dote on your wife’s new haircut. I explained this to my children, but not all were buying my methods.

My wife doesn’t do mornings. She never has. What should I do? Make her get up and prepare breakfast for the three kids – and me? Or…

I often get the question about what we should make for dinner. My wife does the asking. I do the fretting.