Living Abroad

We live in Argentina. It’s a country that can always make it but never quite does. You want to know why? Yeah, me too. Most of the time we are in Buenos Aires, except in the summer when we escape to Pinamar, a beach town with lots of pine trees, sand dunes and fine surfing.

When it comes to inflation, Argentina is not an easy place to manage your finances.

I turned 49 on an international flight, but that didn’t bother me because I was with my family and we were dreaming of new things.

My daughter decided to rebel against a teacher who dictated her choice and violated her human rights in Argentina, and I couldn’t be prouder.

When you speak in English or with an accent in Argentina, you often get asked why on earth you’re here. I do.

Peace and quiet? Yeah, we all pine for it. Except my youngest daughter, that is. She’s a total enthusiast of the city, of her glorious Buenos Aires.

Argentina may be on the verge of another financial crash. What’s my pre-teen daughter think? Hey, if school closes, all’s cool, she says.