Growing older (aka the midlife crisis)

As children grow up, parents grow older. I’m doing my hardest to ignore this fact. The trouble is, my body’s not playing along. It’s started to slow even as my kids become faster runners, and as I lose my ability to crouch and light the oven with a match. What does all of this mean? Don’t tell me. I’ll ignore it all.

Be cool, hip, stylish? Yeah, yeah. When you’re a dad, it doesn’t really matter what you do to be cool, you’re still just a dad.

My children are growing up with new technology, and some expressions just don’t cut it anymore.

When it comes to doing extreme sports with my kids, I think why not me too?

I have grown a beard and received a number of comments and comparisons, some possibly cool, some possibly not and some, well, that call for a trim.

Sometimes there’s nothing better than a road trip for good conversation.

Will old push-button telephones or, gasp, rotary dial phones make a comeback? They are easier on the environment, and today’s kids like that.