Cats, dogs and mayhem

Four-Ton is our dog, Berlioz and Toulouse our cats. They like each other, and that’s a good thing. Raising kids is hard enough. So why have pets? Because they can act as examples to my kids on how to behave. At least, I’d hope so. Other creatures make appearances in our lives, some frightful and others worse.

It takes a lot of patience to train our formerly stray dog, just ask my youngest daughter.

When there’s too much grub on offer, my four-ton dog gets frantic.

Our big dog will gobble down any scraps of food, or even entire cakes. She just has to catch us unaware.

My dog will eat just about everything and then ask for seconds…

I am environmentally friendly. I clean with vinegar, recycle and walk whenever possible. But when it comes to dog urine, chemicals are my thing…

The adventures of a cat who disappeared one rainy night and resurfaced six weeks later across the big city, thin as a rat but lovable as always.