Four-Ton’s Last Stand

“I’m going to miss her.”

Many of you have read about our dog on this blog.

Her name is Maple, but her alias on these pages is more appropriate: Four-Ton.

I write this because after ten years she has left us. Her hip collapsed. She could no longer walk or even stand. The vet couldn’t do anything, and that left one option. [Continue reading …]

How to Dress Cool

“Hey, we’re kind of edgy, aren’t we?”

My wife and I took our 12-year-old son to the mall to let him choose clothes for himself, to find his own look, his style.

We tried a department store, but my wife and I snubbed everything. Ditto at a bunch of other shops in the mall. We were quickly beginning to worry about what to buy for our son – or what he would choose for himself because that, of course, was our aim. It was to be his choice, not ours. [Continue reading …]

“Homer? Who you calling Homer?”

My wife and I took our son skateboarding on a Sunday afternoon, and he had a go while we chatted.

Then our 12-year-old son asked if I wanted to try. [Continue reading …]