“Who’s the ass?”

We went sand boarding in some high dunes on the coast of Argentina, and my three kids and two of their friends got busy, my youngest daughter shooting down the steeps on a boogie board.

I smiled as they helped each other strap on the sand board and edge to the slope, and there they went down at fast speeds.

Then I said, “Watch this kids,” and I went for it thinking of the glory of being the coolest dad in town, maybe beyond that. [Continue Reading…]

The Forty-Ninth Parallel

“There’s a lot to do and see in this world.”

I turned 49 somewhere between Los Angeles and Sao Paulo, either asleep, reading or watching The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel or Hunt for the Wilderpeople. I was flying home to Buenos Aires with my family after a three-and-a-half week vacation to the West Coast of the U.S.

Both of the movies were inspiring enough for me to jot down a few notes for a novel I’m writing. It’s about a 58-year-old man’s final adventure in Tierra del Fuego, where he traveled alone at the end of the gold rush to try to recover the riches he’d lost running too many cattle to Chile. A snow storm had killed all the cows a few years earlier. [Continue Reading…]

Kids Unplugged

“Hey, we like each other. Is that so odd?”

Our son was taking a long shower, and so my wife yelled to him, “Make sure you don’t drown.”

Our youngest daughter, who had just finished showering, said not to worry because her brother wouldn’t drown. [Continue Reading…]