Pinamar is the reason for these stories.

We lived there for more than two years. It was paradise: a house in a pine forest within blocks from the beach and fine surfing. The open space sure beat a cramped city apartment for growing and energetic kids. They played out on the sandy lanes and in the forest. This helped keep us parents sane.

Then the crappy global economy forced us back to fast-paced Buenos Aires.

Can we get back to our paradise? That may be difficult. My son has autism and his needs exceed the services of the beach community.

At least for now.

We still spend summers in Pinamar, a relaxed life of barbeques, walks and the beach, plus a healthy bunch of friends and occasional run-ins with stray dogs out to get whatever is on our grill.

Let There be Light

In the darkness of our garden, wild things roam. The police keep watch, and some officers are girls! My six-year-old son is beaming.

Dances with Wolves

We once lived quietly in a forest. Now the developers have caught on to our secret and the bulldozers are moving in.


Driving on the beach is the craze in Argentina. But it's not right. Walk, instead. And take up surfing or fly a kite. You'll like it more.

Nature Walks

Have a swim, lay out your towel and kick back. You've left the city behind and hit the beach... to find a traffic jam.

Make Love, Not War?

Our house got invaded by a raft of bugs, raising the question of what to do: live with nature or call the exterminator.