Buenos Aires

Is Buenos Aires the Paris of the South?


It has a lot going for it and we live in this big city, so it is a good place all in all. It can be chaotic… and it’s got no beach. But on a sunny day little can beat this city.

These are stories about what it is like to live in Buenos Aires.

A Good Way to Brighten Your Day

Take it easy when driving the streets of Buenos Aires and pedestrians will thank you. And motorists? Well, they'll say something rather curt.

Shit Happens

Here, there and everywhere in Buenos Aires, watch where you walk because an unpleasant mound awaits.

Dog Gone Poop

I figured out a perfect way to pick up dog poop. But it backfired, quite literally.

Around Buenos Aires

Want a quick-ass car wash? Drive over the Arse Speed Wash and drive around town. There are funny things to see.

Growing Up

There is a sure-fire way to know that you have been a parent for a while.