Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is a big city.

Too big at times, and so we flee far away to empty beaches for a respite until we feel the need again for cultured mayhem.

Yeah, it’s a tough choice on where to live.

Peace and quiet? Yeah, we all pine for it. Except my youngest daughter, that is. She's a total enthusiast of the city, of her glorious Buenos Aires.

Take it easy when driving the streets of Buenos Aires and pedestrians will thank you. And motorists? Well, they'll say something rather curt.

Is the traffic too heavy? Get out of your car and walk or drive through a wall. Or take up tai chi and ride the subway. Your choice.

Want a quick-ass car wash? Drive over the Arse Speed Wash and drive around town. There are funny things to see.

Our apartment building in Recoleta, Buenos Aires decided we were no good because we have a dog. A dog! So we're bailing.

This is the third time that my neighbors have decided they don't like me. Fight or move away?