We live in Argentina.

It’s a country that can always make it but never quite does. You want to know why? Yeah, me too.

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School’s Out

Argentina may be on the verge of another financial crash. What's my pre-teen daughter think? Hey, if school closes, all's cool, she says.

The Flea

When it comes to the World Cup, our six-year-old daughter makes no hesitation in declaring who she is supporting.

Inflation Matters

Argentina is expensive yet again. You either get along, moan or leave. Or maybe you press the government for a change. Hey, well that's a thought.

Argentina’s Next President

My 7-year-old daughter wants to help make her Argentina a better place to live. So be honest and lawful, and don't litter or drive on the beach.


There are various ways of dealing with inflation. I'm crimping and doing things on my own because it's getting too expensive in Argentina.

How to Make Money

There are a lot of people who skim off the top. I know. I've been a victim. Now it's time to get even, no matter the opponent.