How to be a Cool Dad (and Pay for It)

“Who’s the ass?”

We went sand boarding in some high dunes on the coast of Argentina, and my three kids and two of their friends got busy, my youngest daughter shooting down the steeps on a boogie board.

I smiled as they helped each other strap on the sand board and edge to the slope, and there they went down at fast speeds.

Then I said, “Watch this kids,” and I went for it thinking of the glory of being the coolest dad in town, maybe beyond that.

They all gasped as I came splutteringly to a halt halfway down the dune, a total wipeout.

Once they’d seen that I was alright, they all laughed.

Me too, sort of.

My ass still hurts three weeks later, and the story still gets told.

“You remember that time in the dunes, Dad…”

“Yeah, yeah…”

Chuckles ensue, on their part.

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