How to Raise Well-Behaved Children

"Hey, I'm the funny one! Got it?"

“Hey, I’m the funny one! Got it?”

A friend of mine had my two daughters over for a sleepover, and she reported back about how wonderful they had been, and then told me all sorts of stories about their time together.

I smiled. Immensely.

Then I told the girls, ages seven and twelve, how so very well behaved my friend had said they had been, and how proud that made me feel as a father.

The eldest smiled broadly.

But the youngest scrunched up her face in disbelief.

“Good?” the seven-year-old said. “What do you mean good?”

“Well, about you,” I said, pausing to think. “Well, about you she said, well… She said you’re very funny.”

“Oh, okay,” my youngest said, her face relaxing. “That’s better.”

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