Apps for Anything

"You got an app for picking up poo?"

“You got an app for picking up poo?”

My eldest daughter and I were discussing apps and technology at the dinner table.

It’s not really an everyday topic for us.

It’s that the topic has been on my mind because I’ve been helping to promote a new messaging app in Argentina. It’s called DeeMe, and it’s a blend of the best of Instagram and WhatsApp. It’s totally cool, my 12-year-old daughter says, without my coaxing.

As our conversation continued, my youngest daughter looked over at us dully from the other end of the table, not really into all this techno talk.

“Are you guys talking about apps? Again! I mean, apps!” the seven-year-old said, as in oh so boring.


We looked over at her, rather stunned, rather amused.

Now with our full attention, the youngest continued: “Do you know what would be cool? I mean really cool. It would be to have one of those machines that you put paper in and wind up and down. And then you press the buttons and it puts the letters on the paper. Now, that would be cool!”

I blinked.

And then I said, “Oh, you mean a typewriter.”

“Yeah, I guess so,” the youngest said. “Is there an app for one of those?”

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