The Rat Fairy

"Mouse? Nah, I've not seen a mouse or a tooth."

“Mouse? Nah, I’ve not seen a mouse or a tooth.”

My children are growing up and losing teeth.

This is normal, of course, and so too the regular visits by the Tooth Fairy. The different thing in our family – American and English parents with three Argentine children living in Buenos Aires – is that another visitor also makes appearances: Ratón Pérez.

So who leaves the pesos?

My youngest, who has lost three front teeth, has figured this out – and how the Tooth Fairy and her Spanish equivalent coexist.

“I know,” the seven-year-old girl said. “Ratón Pérez comes, takes the tooth and leaves the money, of course, and then he cleans the tooth and gives it to the Tooth Fairy.”

It makes sense to me, even if the mouse seems to be doing all the work.

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