Recess Rules

"Look, life is pretty good. Why do we have to muck it up with school?"

“Look, life is pretty good. Why do we have to muck it up with school?”

My eldest daughter is doing a preparatory course for a high school she really wants to get into.

She goes to the school every Saturday morning to study agronomy – the school’s specialty – along with literature, math, science and other subjects. She loves it, and she’s working hard to become one of the 60 entrants out of 250 aspirants.

I like taking her to the school. There’s a buzz about it, of kids like my 12-year-old daughter who really want to go to the school and make something of their education, make something of their lives.

The buzz is rubbing off on me.

I’ve started to run again and write more.

I thought, well, maybe my two other children should get a taste of the adrenaline, so I proposed taking them to fetch their sister.

My 10-year-old son declined, saying that he was at a pivotal point in his game of Minecraft.

But the youngest, who is seven years old, said sure, and we piled into the car with a friend of both of the girls tagging along after a sleepover at our house.

We got there with time to walk casually to the school, passing its fields with crops, a small lake with ducks, and horses and llamas grazing on other fields.

Outside the school and while waiting for the aspiring – and inspiring – students to come out, with the buzz making me want to study for a second degree and finish writing my first book, I asked both of the girls what their favorite subjects are school.

“Recess,” the fourth grader said.

”And going home,” my second grader said.


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