School’s Out

"Think of all the time we'd have to play!"

“Think of all the time we’d have to play!”

After weeks of reporting on the possibility of Argentina defaulting on its debts yet again and the potential recession this would bring, I told my 11-year-old daughter what I thought.

“Argentina may just crash again,” I told her as we walked the dog.

This wasn’t really a conversation starter with a pre-teen, it was more a way for me to unwind and let off some steam after working all day as a journalist.

My daughter looked at me blankly and then suddenly her face brightened.

“Well, if there’s a crash then maybe the school will close because the crash will cause the building to spilt into two and we won’t be able to go to school,” she said. “That’d be great because then we’d have the rest of the year off to play and we could go on a long holiday, we could go to the beach or to the mountains, or we could…”

As she went on, I smiled and thought that it’s good to look on the bright side.

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