Dishing It Out

"Hey, who you calling Spoon Head?"

“Hey, who you calling Spoon Head?”

I told my youngest daughter off for slouching at the table and toying with her cornflakes.

She looked up at me blankly and then her face brightened and she sat up.

“Hey, Dad,” the five-year-old said.


“Did you know that you look like a spoon?”


“See,” she said, holding out her spoon with milk dripping down. “You look like a spoon.”

“Ah, well…” I said before stopping to ponder how on earth she managed to go from getting told off to making such an outrageous comment – yet again.

I then watched her beaming face as she told her older sister about her fine discovery. The 11-year-old studied the spoon and then looked at my face and back at the spoon before saying, “Yeah, I see what you mean.”

I got up and left the table.

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