Things My Kids Say

Let’s boogie!

Parenting gets frantic. It’s a big responsibility to provide the education, health and mental wellbeing that children need. Plus clothes, food and, well, all the stuff of life.

I think my wife and I are dong a pretty good job with our three children, not just with the routine. We try to take time to stop and just be with them and do things out of the routine, out of the ordinary. It’s not always easy but we try.

My wife took out the two eldest before dinner the other day, leaving me and the youngest on cooking duties. The youngest, who is four years old, was miffed at being left at home. But after a while she said to me, “Let’s play.”

I said, “Just wait a minute until I get the dinner on.”

She sighed in disappointment.

So I put some music on for her to have a dance in the kitchen while I cooked dinner, and she started to spin and boogie to Rihanna. I watched while chopping the onions.

“Look at me Daddy,” she said before spinning around gracefully. “Like a ballet dancer.”

I smiled and said, “My turn,” and then I spun around like her.

She watched me and then giggled and said, “Like an elephant.”

I went back to making the dinner.

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