Argentina’s Next President

“Let’s go girls!” – A warm-up for the presidential victory dance.

My eldest daughter is in with the times in Argentina. She’s just declared that she will run for president this October, probably against Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, the current president, and seasoned politicians like Elisa Carrio and Eduardo Duhalde, and a few relative upstarts like Ricardo Alfonsin, Francisco de Narvaez and Mauricio Macri.

My daughter is seven (“Almost eight!” she reminds me) and has a preliminary list of campaign promises that she’s developed from her years of living in Pinamar, a beach town in Argentina, and in the capital of Buenos Aires, and from spending weeks and weeks in my hometown of Los Angeles and her mum’s English countryside near Lincoln.

The first pledges (she’s thinking of more, she tells me, but is too busy reading her Gaturro comic book to talk right now) are:

  1. Stop litterbugs. “Just throw the trash in the bin. It’s easy peasy,” she says.
  2. Make the police live by example. “They can’t stand in the back of a truck if we can’t, and they should wear seatbelts just like us.”
  3. Ban all cars, trucks and quad bikes from the beach because they’re noisy, scary and ugly. “They can run you over.”
  4. Be honest. “As president, I will be able to do anything I want, except steal.”

That “except steal” is something many politicians overlook. So vote for my daughter for a cleaner, safer and more honest and lawful Argentina. For a better Argentina.

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