On Holiday?

Yeah, a good rest first. Then we’re hitting the surf!

When I was a kid and even into my thirties, the holidays were for playing. We went off to hike, ski, surf. Play hard, rest hard. Skip stones in a river in Big Sur after a hike. Kick it in front of a campfire after surfing in Baja California. Eat a big dinner after a day on the slopes at Mammoth Mountain.

I’m on holiday now and it’s hard to keep my eyes open. These are the first days since stopping work. So I know that it’s all about resting up and then playing. My exhaustion, no doubt, is a product of parenting and overwork. Something’s got to give. It’s got to be the work.

No doubt there are lots of books written on the matters of parenting, stress and work = exhaustion. And drugs to take and doctors to see. Homeopaths, psychologists, exercises, gyms, cures, diets, shamans, group cuddles, incense, mushrooms and herbs, eastern philosophies and movements of all kinds.

I think I’ll go for the work less and yield more and live better. I’ll work less and spend more time with the kids and my beautiful wife. Whoever decided that work to live wasn’t good enough? I’m off to play. Of course, after a few good nights sleep. Then watch out!

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