Got A Light?

“We’re fine in the dark, really.”

It gets dark in our garden-cum-forest on the coast, so we decided to light up the ecological way.

We bought a four-pack of outdoor solar lamps, easy on the environment and easy on the pocketbook – no electricity costs. We placed them around the garden to charge in the sunlight, and we waited for night to fall. Then there, there, there and there the lights came on. Little specks of light that did little to light up our garden or the forest behind. They were more like ornaments. Hmm, we thought. Maybe more light will come out as it gets darker.

It didn’t.

The next day we watched as the neighbor banged up big traditional lights onto six or seven pine trees and strung long cables to connect them to the power grid. He flicked open the power box, flicked up the switch and on came the lights. Magnificent bright light. We could hear the buzz of the power lines. It was more like a stadium.

I thought, if we tilted them a bit this way…

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  • alastair May 15, 2010, 2:52 am

    Great story! I'm glad you kept the garden and all of it's fantastic mysteries save from the blinding stadium lights.

  • Charles Newbery May 18, 2010, 7:38 pm

    We will, always. The kids are full of stories and I'm always ready to listen.

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