Charming, Indeed

“Yeah, well, you can get me the scissors.”

It was bound to happen.

My seven-year-old daughter was reading me Ruidos bajo la cama in Spanish about a monster living under a boy’s bed. The monster frightens the boy by describing his repugnant body and poisonous tentacles, his rotten-egg breath and hair of snakes. The boy listens and then says, “Is that all?” The boy goes on to tell the monster that his father is much more terrifying, a giant with huge feet and a huge appetite. And terribly long nose hairs.

My daughter stops reading and looks up at my nose.

“Like you,” she says.

Then she pauses.

“But Granddad has longer ones.”

Well, that makes things better.

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  • Andrea Parker May 21, 2010, 12:14 am

    That is so funny!! Kids, huh?

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