An Apple a Day…

“Now class. It’s pretty easy. You just add one to the other to get the answer.”

I’m back posting at the request of a hearty follower: my dad.

He asked me what had happened.

“Busy,” I told him.

Yep, earthquakes, the trial of seven dirty-war criminals, a film festival and a gasoline shortage, among other news events to cover. My day job as a freelance reporter stretched into the evenings and the weekends, sapping my output for this blog.

So to get back in the swing, it’s time again to post on what happens away from the job. I have been recording some of it, but in notebooks and on scraps of paper and on my hand if need be, and on the backs and fronts of paper napkins. Not on this blog. This has left my dad without his periodic fix and the chance to forward his son’s writings to a good number of contacts, much to my happiness. So it is time for a steady output of posts from my notebooks and scraps of paper, with encouragement from a challenge. It is the challenge to write a post a day from May 1 to May 31. A blogathon.

This was an easy post, but maybe not so entertaining as the next ones.

You be the judge. So keep tuned in, or as it were, clicked in.

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