A Good Life That Was

We once lived in a beach paradise. Now we don’t, and it fells almost like we never did.

We are back on the coast. Winter is approaching. It’s getting colder and the leaves are falling. We put our jackets on and light the fire and turn up the radiators to warm the house. It has been empty for weeks while we live in the big city. This makes me think. Did we really live here for two years and a bit? I drive into town and it all seems so foreign. Once I was plugged in. People said hello to me, waved and nodded. We had chats on the sidewalks, at the beach, in the supermarket. I was in. Now I’m out. The memories are still there. Is that enough?

Over the next few days I’ll jot down my best memories. I think they’ll be enjoyable. They’ll help me as a sort of therapy. I can’t let two glorious and hard years of living a different way of life fade away just like that.

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