Eat Pig

“Now you know. I’m not just all cute and cuddly.”

This blog is mostly about my family and our life on the Argentine coast and in the big city, and on our travels.

Well, I couldn’t resist straying to relay a healthy recommendation from Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner made, quite humorously, in the middle of yet another crisis to hit her administration. She is trying to sack her central bank president so she can tap international reserves to pay the national debt, but the courts are stopping her .

The recommendation?

Eat pig.


It’s good for the sex life.

“It is much more gratifying to eat barbequed pork than to take Viagra,” she said in a speech to announce an agreement with piggeries to lower prices.

To much applause.

Hey, why not?

As the president said, “It doesn’t cost anything to try.”

So let’s all pig out.

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