When You Know It’s Time to Wash the Car

Yup, we need an air freshener. Now!

We went through a tollbooth on the way to the coast and a girl gave us a promotional granola bar and another gave us an air freshener for the car.

“It makes your driving experience a pleasure,” she said.

We thought we’d give it a try.

If you know anything about my car you would want to try anything to freshen it up. With three kids under seven, a four-ton dog and a cat, we don’t travel light or clean. We often have pack-ups for dinner on the road or, we must confess, drive-through McDonald’s. This has given our car a stench. If you look or sniff around you’ll find old French fries, cookies and empty and half-empty containers of apple juice and coffee cups. Much to our chagrin, the kids at times find and resume munching cookies a few trips old. It’s not that we don’t like clean cars. I love the smell of a freshly cleaned car. It’s the lack of time to actually clean it.

So this has given our car a rather overpowering odor.

“Phew wee,” we’ll say when we get in.

The kids have grown up with the odor so it isn’t too alarming except on hot days when the smells seem to heat up and saturate the interior like before this latest trip to the coast. It is my youngest daughter who spoke out first. She is 18 months old and is learning her words. A favorite is for describing the state of her soiled nappy. And it is this word that she spoke out as we lifted her into her car seat.


So as we drove away from the tollbooth my wife unwrapped the air freshener and placed it in the air ducts and turned up the fan to its highest and we took a deep breath.

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  • Mermedes December 28, 2009, 4:39 pm

    El agua y el jabón harán maravillas pro bienestar de todos aquellos que hemos compartido algún viaje en el auto fantástico.

    Meme María

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