“Not me, please.”

My son is refusing to go to the doctors. He suffers chronic bronchitis so trips to the clinic and the hospital are frequent. But he doesn’t want to go now because Tommy went.

“No, mummy,” the four-year-old says, “Tommy went.”

Tommy, aka Tomas, is our neurotic cat.

You may know from a post last month that he went to the doctors and never came back. He died and left us with a house full of fleas and itchy legs.

My son didn’t mind. He’d have Tommy back fleas and all.

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  • Katie May 9, 2009, 2:02 pm

    Oh, that’s a sin! Dealing with frequent trips to the doctor must be so hard for kids with chronic health problems (and worse when your cat is among the “disappeared” after taking a trip to the vet). Is city life aggravating his condition?

  • Charles Newbery May 9, 2009, 7:13 pm

    The smog is pretty bad but his condition actually was worse on the coast, with the dust and pollen from the bushes and trees, especially the pine trees. Odd, that. He loves Pinamar so much but it makes him poorly. We shall see this winter about the impact of the city. Thanks for writing comments. I can be pretty crap about responding. But here is a first… more to come. I dig your site. How’s everything going down your way? How’s the surf?

  • Katie May 10, 2009, 12:59 am

    Thanks for the kudos on my blog. Things are going well. I’ve more or less settled in at this point. Now it’s pretty much day-to-day life (not counting the aggravation of living in a construction zone aka my home). 😉 The surf must be good. The other day I saw a ton of surfers out enjoying the waves.

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