How to Make Big Money in Two Months

When summer comes in Pinamar, the money-hounds come out in swarms.

Why not?

The population swells to half a million in January and February from the 20,000 of us year-rounders. So sell the visitors anything you can, and if you’ve got no scruples then sell at any price, too.

Jack up the prices, charge more. Make them cough up extra for beach tents, cobs of sweet corn, cups of coffee and McDonald’s Happy Meals, ice cream and most dinners at any establishment. Choose money! And lots of it!

I should know. I’ve been done for an extra peso here and there, an extra ten here and there. All in a town my family calls home.

Well, I thought I’d seen it all – and paid it all. But I drove past the police station and the post office to the town center and pulled up at the side of the street to park and there they were: five freshly painted and dug-in “No Parking” signs.

I looked for a new place to park now that my usual spot was illegal. There a few yards away was a man with a beaming smile standing at the entrance of a new parking lot in what was once an empty area of shrubs and whatnot.

You could see it in his eyes. He was doing the calculations. Roll them in and charge them all.

Why not? Making money is the thing when summer comes around in Pinamar. And it gets you thinking. Why not? When in Pinamar, choose money.

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